Pan On Out

To the ones who entered into my life.  I congratulate and thank you.  You came in through a random window That I did not know was still open. I thought I had closed it shut for good But I guess I left it open for fresh air. That's the beauty at first. Something new, ready … Continue reading Pan On Out


Contingent Acceptances

Contingency can be an entity on it’s own. From a logical standpoint, the word itself is a proposition defined as, “True under certain conditions, false under others; not necessary.” The simple fact is I feel I have been living a haphazard life; one without a plan or organization. There is no set sleeping pattern, no … Continue reading Contingent Acceptances

Undisclosed desires

Undisclosed Desires While working feverishly on my computer, I suddenly heard an abrasive tone in the distance of my dim room. Being it was Friday, I did not bother to quickly turn to my phone as I usually do for I wanted to finish my work before Monday. A few minutes passed and the irritating … Continue reading Undisclosed desires


I am asking of things in which you can not give: voluntary attention. I yearn, better yet, crave the very taste and satisfcation I receive when I see those eyes gaze upon me. The pure enjoyment from appreciating one's existance is an uncanny and spendid feeling for both ends. That to me, is love. Doubt … Continue reading Clay-making

Ramshackled Habits

As I begin my last and final semester, I notice my conscious entering a vaguely familiar stance: confusion. There comes several, if not, many moments in our lives where we approach a crossroad. The tense, stiff, and paralyzing effect this encounter creates allows a dark shadow to hover over one's fragile body. Gasping for air, … Continue reading Ramshackled Habits