IMG_3308               I’m Funny Huh?

Yes, I am. At least I like to think of myself and feel the need to say such a thing after laughing. You don’t know me though, so let me make you mine for a few minutes and explain. I was born and raised in the blistering hot yet chillest part of LA: The Valley. Now you might think of the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, Long Beach, or even Anaheim area. Yes. There are many valleys in Los Angeles, but I am here to tell you the main valley is the San Fernando Valley. We may deny it at first, but us So-Cal people honestly do use “like” excessively in our conversations. I don’t exactly know why, but I definitely picked it up from my mom who was a total 80’s valley girl. My dad on the other hand, he was a hybrid of an 80’s skater, a swimmer, and a Bolivian exchange student which makes no sense to me to this day. Fun fact though, both my parents are extremely mixed, which makes me basically the whole world. People still can’t figure out what ethnicity I am so I’ll put your confusion to rest. I am Bolivian, French, German, Mexican, Italian, Peruvian, and Spanish. When it comes time to fill out those basic questionnaires though, I just choose Hispanic or Latino/a because that makes life easier for everyone.

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I definitely can say I have stayed away from doing touristy things. Have I hiked to the Hollywood Sign? No. Have I gone the Walt Disney Music Concert Hall? Nope, not that either. The one thing about Los Angeles I’ve learned is, it’s impossible to do everything in just a few days. My advice is to find those small hole in the wall restaurants, private beaches, and various activities/events going on in different areas because that is what makes LA great. As much as I love LA, I moved to the incredible Bay Area in 2015 in order to complete my studies as an undergraduate at the historically acclaimed UC Berkeley. Which major am I you may ask? Oh, in case you haven’t noticed from this long drawn out story, it definitely is English. You may think I live and breathe English, but I beg to differ. My original major was Marine Biology and I had a very difficult time in choosing one over the other. It wasn’t until a professor gave some simple yet great advice. He said, “Why don’t you write about science, that way you can have both your passions into one.” The simple fact of taking my writing skills and applying it to any field I wished was mind blowing for me.

Now you may wonder, who exactly is this girl? What’s so interesting about her life anyways? Well, you may not know but my hobbies include Hiking, Snowboarding, Dancing, Kayaking, Swimming, and Running. Now lets be realistic. I do not do those everyday all day. When it is the proper season of course then yes, I do. Aside from being active though, I do enjoy my quiet time. If I could be home all day, I probably would because I love to lay down and just enjoy some good Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz styled songs. When I do go out, I love to go to local cafes and have my lattes with little snacks as I sit and read a book. A typical day includes me looking up different restaurants based off of whatever my stomach is craving. After eating, I usually go hiking or find nearby events that are happening in the Bay Area that I can check out. I love to explore new places and try different things because this life is too short to sit and watch things pass by. So I encourage myself and you to never lose that drive in exploring what’s outside your backyard!