Breached Dialects

A chime in the wake of the morning. The usual shuffling to gather one’s belongings. The quick turn of the key to secure one’s home. Step by step, out the door, and then onto the usual walk; in search of what? Oh yes, the car. To fall into a routine is not necessarily bad. It places one into a state of cruise control which thus creates expectations of knowing what will come next. Today, I automatically knew I would walk down my street, unlock my car, and drive off to work. As I walked towards the end of my street, I couldn’t help but realize it seemed awfully vacant in the spot of where I thought I parked my car. Being in a rushed mindset, I automatically thought I probably parked it somewhere else and couldn’t think of which street exactly. Worried about going to work on time,  I went to Plan B: Call an uber.

It’s amazing though right? How we can go about our day and if there is any slight change to the norm, we obtain the ability to automatically reject it. As a sort of coping mechanism, we formulate and propose another explanation in order to make sense of this particular altercation. Although work helped keep my mind busy, I still couldn’t shake the gut feeling of the truth. I had the desire to rush home in order to search high and wide for something that was under my ownership. If I were to find it misplaced, then I would just reprimand myself to remember better next time. This seemed like a pretty simple solution, but, I knew this would not be the outcome. Pessimistic? No. We know ourselves too well or have friends who do. This made me realize that what I was experiencing was not crazy. The self-doubt that overcomes one can become overwhelming, frazzling, and a bit uncomfortable.

Scrambling for phone numbers. Losing connection. Calling wrong numbers. Then, the police department. Next moment, I see a fairly tall officer approach me, give him the report, and then, I hear the rumbling engine drift towards the direction of where my car was once parked.

A car is just material. Scraps of different matter conformed together to present a finished product. It’s not the physicality of it, but the feeling left from losing something physically. A sense of violation and direspect overcomes one. Disbelief, distrust, and disillusionment is what comes into play.

I am not speaking from anger, but of deep concern. Although shit happens in life, I couldn’t help but think this incident shows a direct effect of what is going on in the world right now. Whether this is an effect of the election results where desperate times call for desperate measures or because it is holiday season, it is unclear to know exactly why and I accept that. One thing is for sure though; I want everyone to know that we need to be there for each other. Look out for one another. We shouldn’t be fighting over the outcomes because it is only driving a further wedge between us. Clearly, a majority of us thought we knew the outcome and were surprised to learn about the actual results. I think this is a clear indicator of how little we know one another and are not understanding all sides of the issues that need to be addressed. I would hate to see this country revert back to the 1950s, in which the thick line between “us” and “them” is redrawn.







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