Worldly Life

Living in the Bay Area has taken some getting used to. Back at home, there were a bunch of chain restaurants such as Panda Express, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen, and In n Out. Although these are just a few of my favorites, I began to realize how bad I used to eat home back in LA. Upon moving to the Bay Area, I can definitely say there  are a wide array of eateries. From Indian, to Thai, to Italian, or Sushi, I am happy to say I love to try different restaurants around the area.

One of my new favorite places is a French restaurant, La Note. It is located on 2377 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704. After being busy for months with papers, my housemate treated me out as a late birthday present. I always heard great things about La Note from friends but never came around to trying it out myself. When you walk in, you definitely can feel the provincial French lifestyle. It was like traveling back in time with woven baskets and French decor hanging on the walls and ceiling. The ambiance could be Sunday morning fancy or a casual meet up before going to work.  You can enjoy an almond croissant with some tea or My favorite is the COTE EST which consists of two scrambled eggs, one pancake of your choice and a choice of bacon or homefries 13.5o

Manpuku Japanese Restaurant l Elmwood, California l Kylie Lozano

Another new favorite of mine is Manpuku Japanese Restaurant, located on College Ave. in the Elmwood district. When I first came, it was by random. I had a friend and his roommate visiting in town and they wanted to have Japanese food. When we first walked in, it was quaint and peaceful. It was not super crowded and there were beautiful paintings hung on the walls. The ambiance was casual but it would be the perfect place for a nice dinner or first date. The proportions were perfect. We each got a bento box and shared this beautiful sushi platter.


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