The Pacific Coast Life

Moving from Los Angeles to the Bay Area was a major change for me. The biggest change for me was the weather. I found myself comfortably soaking up the sun to quickly finding the nearest store to buy a warm jacket. Oh, but it couldn’t be any jacket of course. Since I was in Berkeley, I needed to grab the highly raved Northface Black Collared Jacket. Discovering there was an outlet 10 minutes away from me, I quickly drove over and made my journey through the store. As I saw the black jacket section, there was an immense supply of the one I wanted. I quickly grabbed the sleek jacket and waited patiently. As the cashier rung it up, he said “Your total is $41.54.” In shock, I said “What? Why???” As he proceeded, he mentioned that it was their anniversary sale and they had a storewide sale that applied as well. Stoked, I put on the jacket and since then it has been my go to jacket for basically everything.

Now what does a jacket have to do with anything? Well, that need to go buy a jacket marked the beginning of me exploring the Bay Area. Now that I had the proper clothes to keep warm, I was ready to embark on new journeys. After finishing a year at Cal, I noticed I did not spend much time exploring as I wanted. Once finals finished, my friend and I took a drive out towards Monterey Bay. I was excited for I always wanted to visit since I was in LA. My major before English was Marine Biology, and I had applied and got accepted into Cal State Monterey Bay. As we took a cruise in a White Hyundai, I couldn’t help but wonder what my life would have been like if I chose to stick with Marine Biology or to go to Monterey Bay. Aside from these thoughts though, I was overall excited to explore the small town. After doing our research, we came across an infamous 17 Mile Drive that made the list of top drives to do in the world. As this peeked our interest, we decided to pay the 15 bucks and drove down the beautiful pacific coast.


Monterey Bay, California l Kylie Lozano
Monterey Bay, California l Kylie Lozano

As we drove down, I felt at home again. Although I moved from the South to the North, I realized one thing remained the same: the ocean. It was an amazing feeling to look out at sea and feel that could always find relaxation and comfort at the beach; just like I used to back at my LA beaches.


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